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We are professional OEM customized fittings factory and supplier in China.We can produce OEM customized fittings according to your requirements. More types of OEM customized fittings wanted, please contact us right now!
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brass casting fittings
P21029 brass casting fittings
Tee ,compression fittings
BD14130 Tee ,compression fittings
brass elbow ,compression fittings
BD14092 brass elbow ,compression fittings
adaptor ,compression fittings
BD14270 adaptor ,compression fittings
bibcock adaptor ,hose barb, connector
DF1001 bibcock adaptor ,hose barb, connector
hose barb,brass connenctor
hose barb,brass connenctor
hose barb,brass connenctor
QM1003 hose barb,brass connenctor
Hose barb,brass connenctor
QM1004 Hose barb,brass connenctor
Elbow hose barb,brass connenctor
QF1005 Elbow hose barb,brass connenctor
Elbow hose barb,brass connenctor
QF1006 Elbow hose barb,brass connenctor
Porduct List
Single Faucets
Classical two handles mixer
Classical kitchen faucets
6"&8"two handle mixers
4"Mixer for wash basin
Angle Valves
Check valves
Stop valves
Ferrule Saddle Strap valves
Ball valves
Float valves
Gate valves
Floor Drains
Tube fittings
M profile press fittings
V Profile press fittings
EN1254-1solder fittings
Nch396 solder fittings
EN1254-4 threaded fittings
OEM customized fittings
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